Eerie Photos of Plants Reclaiming The Planet

Thursday January 02, 2020 Written by Smith

Nature gets a little ominous in ‘Signs’, a series from Thai photographer Akkara Naktamna. Weeds rise up like phantoms, vines constrict around metal, trees consume whole buildings – it’s almost as if nature is trying to tell us they're unhappy with something.  

Naktamna, who works as a software engineer by day, explains: “[The plants] seem to be biding their time to wreak vengeance upon nature-destroying man. Many things we meet in daily life appear inert and lifeless and so are overlooked. Closer scrutiny reveals that they’re furtively signaling each other, emitting unfathomable messages, as in some scene from a horror sci-fi doomsday movie, the kind that always end in tragedy.”

No doubt angering the trees further, Naktamna recently published ‘Signs’ as a zine, which you can purchase over at Good Art Books