Finally: a Blog Dedicated to Celebrating the Humble Japanese Air Conditioner

Tuesday October 15, 2019 Written by James

Tumblr is meant to display the untamed imagination of our collective consciousness. But the thing about untamed imagination, the central thing, is that you can’t tame it. Which is how we get Tumblrs dedicated to Japanese air conditioners.

Why Japanese air conditioners? Because they’re there. They’re there on the side of buildings and homes, quietly going about their business, cooling their owners and asking very little in return (air conditioners seem to get by mostly on electricity and affection).

Japanese air conditioners share the aesthetic challenges of their western cousins. Air conditioners are useful but inherently ugly devices – squat little appendages that people usually try to hide out of sight. tries to flip the narrative, showing air conditioners on breeze blocks, air conditioners with hand-made timber roofs, air conditioners which double as garden beds.

It’s an instructive way to spend a few minutes, and further proof that, on a long enough timeline, anything will appear on the internet somewhere.