Paying Tribute to Australia’s Art Deco Pubs

Friday September 27, 2019 Written by Ash

Slim Dusty famously sung about the lonesome idea of a pub with no beer. It’s a chilling thought. Not worth thinking about, really. But provided the pub in question was one of the art deco ones featured in Geoffrey Goddard’s new book, we reckon we could just about handle it.

Pubs can be found in just about every town across the country. But art deco pubs are a special breed, and Sydney photographer Geoffrey Goddard has captured over 300 of them in Australian Art Deco Hotels. The project has taken him the better part of a decade. We think the end product, which documents the striking buildings that are as much a part of Australia’s cultural fabric as beer itself, is well worth it.

Head to Geoffrey’s Instagram or website for more thirst-invoking images.