Vertigo-Inducing Drone Photography

Tuesday September 24, 2019 Written by Smith

Hold on to your seat: Aydın Büyüktaş’ digitally altered landscape photos make the world look like one giant roller coaster ride.

The Turkish photographer combined drones with 3D-rendering software to stitch together Flatland II, which shifts the perspective on the otherwise flat-as-a-board American Southwest. Covering Texas, California New Mexico and Arizona, the series paints the country as a series of Stanford toruses ­– spherical landscapes looping indefinitely.

It took a surprising amount of preparation to pull the trick off: before leaving for the U.S., Büyüktaş spent aeons examining the terrain on Google Maps, rendering his chosen locations in 3D software to see whether they’d give him what he needed to pull of the extreme curvature seen here. It wasn’t his first remote-controlled rodeo: last year Büyüktaş published Flatland, which gives his hometown of Istanbul the same trippy treatment. You can check that series out over on Facebook