This Photographer Wants to Shoot Every Desert in Australia

Monday August 26, 2019 Written by James

There are 10 deserts in Australia, ranging from the dehydrated to the extremely parched. Photographer Joshua Smith is trying to shoot all of them from the side of a plane.

Josh got the idea for the series on a trip to Alice Springs, soaring high above the Simpson Desert. Since then he’s shot above Sturt Stony Desert, Strzelecki Desert (a real game-winner in Scrabble), Tirari Desert, Simpson Desert, Pedrika Desert and the Great Victoria Desert.

There are still four Aussie deserts to go, but the project might take a while. The conditions have to be just right. Josh says they can shoot any season other than summer, when engine-frying temperatures make desert-based aerial photography impractical (and very sweaty). Still, the images are worth the air miles. Josh’s 2D deserts resemble everything from ocean rust to elephant skin, stretching off into dry, dusty infinity. Expect to see them in your nearest minimalist café very soon.

You can catch more of Josh’s work on his Instagram and website.