One Photographer’s Journey on the Oldest, Deepest Lake in the World

Monday August 19, 2019 Written by James

Lake G1 

Tourism in Lake Baikal isn’t exactly booming.

That’s because, despite offering both stunning vistas and 22 per cent of the world’s fresh water, Lake Baikal is in the middle of Siberia. The only inhabitants are small shrimp-like creatures, ugly fish, and some very cold seals. Approximate number of nearby resorts: zero.

Still, Baikal does attract the odd nature photographer. After visiting the lake in winter, Russian snapper Kristina Makeeva took her camera and a drone (and some very generous friends) into Russia’s wilderness to document springtime at the largest, oldest, deepest and god-it’s-freezing-est lake in the world. Enjoy these in fuzzy slippers with a mug of hot chocolate.

Lake G2

Lake G3

Lake G4

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