Surprisingly Abstract Photos of the Earth From Above

Tuesday August 06, 2019 Written by James

Apparently there is a correct answer to the age-old question: which superpower would you rather have – flight or invisibility? People who choose flight tend to be outgoing, brave and adventurous, whereas people who pick stealth are (allegedly) deviant and secretive and basically just creepy, voyeuristic pervs. You know who you are.

But here’s another reason to spread your wings and fly. The Earth looks pretty damn amazing from 200 feet up, as evidenced by these rather surprising drone shots, courtesy of UK-based photographers JP and Mike Andrews.

A G1

Drone photography has become almost ubiquitous, especially since shooting photos from the sky seems to require less talent than shooting them from the ground. But the Andrews brothers have turned the field on its head, discovering all sorts of weird patterns in everyday objects (when viewed from above). A cargo ship suddenly becomes a shadowy metropolis. Parked cars tessellate into honeycombed gridlock. Boats carve out perfect foamy spirals on inky black waves. The Andrews brothers have named the new field Abstract Aerial Art.

Now we know why birds look so smug all the time.

A G2

A G3

A G4

You can check out more of the Andrews’ work on their Instagram, or buy drone prints through their website.