Calming Photos of Minimalist Suburbia

Friday August 02, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Some people long to be in front of the camera; others prefer to hide behind it. Whoever runs this Instagram account clearly fits into the latter category. Titled Ruminant Reserve, the anonymous account is a trove of strangely compelling urban landscapes. If you appreciate the melancholic quietude of an empty car park, the loneliness of a solitary silo or the emotional ambivalence of a factory wall, you might just have yourself a field day (or toilet break) scrolling through their feed.  

By keeping their identity secret, the photographer creates a bit of mystique about the photos while keeping their ego out of the frame. The location of the pics had puzzled internet denizens for a while, though Feature Shoot recently narrowed that down to somewhere in the American mid-west. If you’re in the area, keep a lookout for a person on indeterminate age/sex/build taking photos with an iPhone. Can’t be that hard to narrow down.