Metal Stars and Their Cats

Friday July 26, 2019 Written by Smith

They may look tough on the outside, but these photos prove metal-heads love cats as much as we do. Either that, or cats are just way more metal than we suspected.

Taken by photographer Alexandra Crockett, the photos show hardcore musicians from bands such as Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation and Lightning Swords of Death posing with their fluffy companions (Crocket prefers the term ‘familiar’ over ‘pet’).

As for why so many metal fans seem to prefer cats, she has a theory: while punks tend to own dogs, which embody their desire to be part of a tribal pack, metal-heads tend towards animals that mirror their more individual, loner characteristics. And the stranger, less-adoptable the cat, the better (there’s no black cat stigma here).

Crocket’s photos have been compiled into a book, Metal Cats, which is published by powerHouse Books.