Same Hill, Different Day: A Weirdly Compelling Photo Series Showing the Passage of Time

Saturday June 29, 2019 Written by Toby

If it was the same hill on the same day, we wouldn’t be troubling you about it. And while this is by no means a different hill on a different day, Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious’s Same Hill, Different Day series is still worth a gander.

The hill in question, an unnamed slope in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, is a fairly ordinary hill, as far as hills go. But in Octavious’ hands, it’s never quite the same hill, per se: its appearance changes throughout the course of a day and across the passing of seasons. Better yet, it’s a window to watch the many different people who visit for many different purposes: flying kites, riding sleds and sometimes just sitting there, ostensibly pondering the deeper meaning of hills.