Before They Disappear: Capturing the Two-Wheeled Workhorses of Hanoi

Tuesday May 28, 2019 Written by Toby

Not content with flouting the laws of physics, Hanoi's cargo-carrying two-wheelers will soon run foul of municipal law. In an attempt to combat pollution and congestion, the city has decided to ban the five million motorbikes that weave through its streets loaded close to toppling with all kinds of goods. (This won’t happen until 2030, but still.)

Before the scooters sputter into non-existence, Joe Enoch decided to capture these icons of stacking and suspension for posterity. The photographer hit the streets of Hanoi at night shooting motorbikes stacked to the brim with everything from dangerously heavy bags of ice to worryingly delicate egg cartons and live fish. To be honest, though, the rider carrying the toy balls had it pretty easy.

Head to Enoch’s website for more photos.