Capturing Life in Remote Australia

Sunday May 26, 2019 Written by Ronan

It was the theft of $1500 that began photographer Daniel Hartley-Allen's series of confronting – though often beautiful – photos of outback Australia. 

As this story in the Sydney Morning Herald tells it, the Melbourne-based photographer gave chase on his Honda motorbike all the way up to Darwin in search of the thief who had made off with his cash. 

Remarkably, he successfully tracked down the crook (it ended with "a tense confrontation, three cheques and a box of jewels"), but the greater reward was the opportunity the experience gave him to take these evocative portraits he took along the way.

Hartley-Allen worked closely to gain the trust and approval of the people he met before taking their picture. Titled Foreign Territory, the series contrasts the idyllic with the desolate, and captures something meaningful about life in modern Australia in the process.