The Sublime Architecture of Modern Churches

Tuesday May 21, 2019 Written by Toby

Chruch G1

God knows there are plenty of old churches around. That is to say, of course He’d know – that’s His thing, after all. But as photographer Thibaud Poirier shows here, there are many newer churches worthy of the guy in the sky’s good graces, too.

Poirier's Sacred Spaces photo series takes a reverent look at the interiors of 29 modern churches across Europe and Japan. Tiptoeing the line between grand and austere, soaring and solemn, these architectural triumphs showcase a wide range of styles, techniques and materials, all in service of the same single purpose. Amen.

Chruch G4

Chruch G2

Chruch G3

Chruch G5

Chruch G6

Chruch G7

Those looking for other (slightly more secular) places of worship might also enjoy Poirier’s Libraries series, which shines a spotlight on the architecture of – you guessed it – some rather nice-looking libraries.