A Brief Tour of Chicago’s Best Garage Doors

Wednesday April 17, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Photographer Robert Powers has noticed something wonderful in the suburbs of Chicago – their garage doors.

It might seem odd to get excited, but these doors are truly off the hook. We’re talking dynamic diamonds. Eye-popping patterns. Rhythmical lines that could hypnotise an unsuspecting passer-by and colours that would make Charles and Ray Eames drool.

How did this synchronicity come to be? Is there some kind of Masonic, secret garage door society behind it all? Are the doors trying to communicate something to us? And why isn’t anybody talking about it?

With so many questions, and so few answers, the only thing left to do was photograph the heck outta those garages and create a sweet Flickr page to show them off. Which is exactly what Robert Powers did.