Candid Photos of Moscow’s Underground

Tuesday April 23, 2019 Written by Garry

Think of the busiest metro systems in the world. Chances are New York and London spring to mind before anywhere else. But Moscow’s metro system is just as – if not busier than – its American and British counterparts, servicing an estimated six million people a day. And the city’s metro stops are also some of the most elegant, featuring grandiose designs more befitting ballrooms than underground stations.

Captivated by the artfully designed stations and the ‘tactile clothing’ worn by locals during the height of a Russian winter, photographer Tomer Ifrah went about exploring the city’s subways and capturing the life within them in his series Moscow Metro.

In many ways, Ifrah presents a world with a somewhat ambiguous timeline: 1930s-era subways serviced by 1970s trains, ferrying commuters dressed in heavy furs that obscure any hints of contemporary fashion. And though many a photographer has set about capturing in isolation the beauty of these metro stations, Ifrah has found and photographed something far more candid.