Japan’s Creepy Abandoned Botanical Garden

Sunday March 31, 2019 Written by Smith

If there’s on thing that makes us happy here at Smith, it’s photos of abandoned places. And if there’s another thing, it’s photos of Japan. So in the rare (though not unheard of) event of an abandoned place being spotted in Japan, you best believe we’re going to cover it.

Which brings us to today’s find: a gigantic, 12,000-square meter abandoned botanical garden in Izu peninsula, just west of Tokyo. According to Messy Nessy Chic, who did some stellar cyber sleuthing to track down the story behind these photos, Irozaki Jungle Park was built in 1969 but shuttered its doors in 2003 after decades of declining visitor numbers. (In a place as dazzling as Japan, we can see why a glorified glasshouse might not have captured the public’s attention.)

The photos come via urban explorer Fury J, who apparently spends his time trawling the Kanto region and Shizuoka prefecture for modern ruins such as this. Good work, team.

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