The Twisted Trees of New Zealand

Tuesday March 26, 2019 Written by Genevieve

There’s a place in New Zealand so strange it could easily be from the pages of a fantasy novel. (Can’t think which one, though.) Located at the southernmost end of the South Island, Slope Point is subjected to relentless, lashing winds.

Completely uninhabited, the only locals you’ll encounter on the Point might not come as much of a surprise – sheep. And though the farmers who first brought them there gave up trying to live life in the midst of a permanent gale long ago, their woollier mates seem unfussed about being ceaselessly battered by the wind.

But we reckon the most remarkable thing about Slope Point has to be its trees.

Guillermo del Toro couldn’t dream up a freakier collection of tortured forms than these twisted trunks and branches (though we wish he’d been given the chance). So accustomed to being violently blown from the south, every tree on Slope Point grows at a dramatic, sideways angle towards the north.

We feel like there’s a lesson about ‘bending to not break’ in there, somewhere. Oh, and a lesson about ‘how to grow the perfect sheep shelter’, too. 

Via Kuriositas