Turkey’s Terrifying, Disney-esque Ghost Town

Saturday February 09, 2019 Written by Toby

Hundreds of almost-identical abandoned French chateaux have been erected near a small village in central Turkey. There they stand, in regimented rows, like an army awaiting a command to strike. Yes, it’s frightening. No, you’re (probably) not in immediate danger.

The eerie sight is a bankrupted luxury housing development intended for rich Gulf investors. The development, called Burj al Babas, racked up $27 million of debt before landing its builders a court-ordered bankruptcy ruling. Construction has halted indefinitely, leaving 587 empty Disney-style villas. That is, last time they were checked, there were 587. Is it possible that there are more now, that they’ve developed the ability to self-reproduce, that it’s only a matter of time before they spread like a virus, coating the entire surface of the globe in a thick carpet of tacky castles? We don’t know; we are not scientists.

For what it’s worth, locals in Mudurnu, Turkey, were never fans of the idea. They didn’t think it was in keeping with the architecture of the area, which, being as it is in Turkey, mostly comprises non-French-chateaux, such as Byzantine buildings and traditional Ottoman wooden houses. Also, the locals can sometimes hear the voices of the chateaux whispering in their heads, telling them to do unspeakable acts. How do we know this? The chateaux voices in our heads told us.

Via The Guardian