Photographing Pizzas in the Wild

Friday February 08, 2019 Written by Toby

We stow them away in dark, barely breathable cardboard boxes. We chuck them on plates and napkins and paw at them with our hands (not with knives and forks though, because we’re not monsters). And when we’re done, we leave them at the back of the fridge and forget about them for a few days and then convince ourselves they’re probably, maybe, hopefully still good to go. But we rarely give much thought to how our pizzas would flourish in their natural habitat: the big wide orb we call Planet Earth.

Jonpaul Douglass took it upon himself to free our favourite grease circles in the photo series Pizza in the Wild. Armed only with an iPhone and a well-restrained appetite, Douglass hit the streets of Los Angeles and photographed $5 Little Caesars pepperoni pizzas lounging, frolicking and thriving in the urban landscape.

Douglass started taking these photos for a laugh in 2013 and soon drew attention for his important pizza advocacy photojournalism work. But for some time, the photos were available only on Instagram, as ephemeral and fleeting as a lone slice left out in the sun on a hot day.

Now, Douglass, in collaboration with Blurb Books, has put together a 7” by 7” softcover book. More importantly, if you cut out all 70 pages, you could easily fit a Pizza Hut Personal Pan size pizza in there.