The World's Weirdest Mushrooms, Ranked

Tuesday November 06, 2018 Written by Ronan

Weird Mushrooms

Sorry SETI, but you really don’t need to spend $2.5 million a year searching for extraterrestrial life: the aliens are already among us.

We’re talking, of course, about mushrooms. And while the spore-bearing fungi aren’t technically aliens, you could have fooled us. Just look at these weirdos.

Weird Mushrooms g2

A few years ago, Bored Panda asked photographers to submit any pictures they’d taken of these botanical abominations, and the resulting series (300 made the list) looks more like a collection of prog-rock album artwork than it does regular nature photography.

Readers were asked to rank their favourite fungi, and while voting for the top ’shroom has now closed, scrolling through the winners is a helpful reminder of how messed-up Mother Nature can get. Example: here’s a facehugger egg pretending to be a harmless mushroom. Here’s one with what appear to be actual teeth (its name is the Toothed Mushroom, should you have any doubts). Here's the gapping maw of some sort of demented land octopus. Gah.

Weird Mushrooms

And the winner? The humble-but-fun-to-stomp-on puffball. Though after seeing these pictures of its cousins, you might think twice about doing so. Mushrooms are not to be trifled with.

Weird Mushrooms g5