Abandoned Shopping Malls

Friday September 07, 2018 Written by Taz

Shopping centres are rarely considered things of great beauty, but do they look any better returning to nature? Closed down, boarded up, effaced of signage, overgrown with weeds? Or does that just render them an even more depressing sight?

If you’re Tag Christof, a writer and photographer who spends his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe, it’s the latter. America is Dead is the name of his Tumblr, and in it you’ll find his tribute to modern America, depicted as lonesome, derelict, frayed, bygone – shut for business, in other words. As Christof explains it on his website, “I use photography to explore the dark side of innovation, the detritus of the free market economy, and the stories of people at its margins.” Though, in the case of his short series Mountains Beyond Mountains, this might be putting things too freely. The human story features so sharply in Christof’s photos not because it figures in the margins – it does so because people are nowhere to be seen.