You Did Not Sleep There: Calling Out Fake Camp Photos

Wednesday August 29, 2018 Written by Chris

Look, we like nature-based eye candy as much as the next person. But every now and then we spot a campsite photo so picturesque it strains credulity. A photo so good we have to wonder if it’s not all just an elaborate attempt to make us jealous we haven’t pitched our own tents on top of an improbably steep boulder, precarious chunk of snow or obviously-about-to-break slab of rock.

To these photos Oregon woman Luisa Jeffery calls BS, and she’s taking to Instagram to correct the record. Her mission began in 2015 while camping by the Grand Canyon, when a friend asked Jeffery to move her tent somewhere more photogenic so the pair could get more likes on their holiday snaps. We have no idea if Jeffery complied or not, but she created @youdidnotsleepthere not long after, and has been making fun of staged camp photos ever since. We’d like to thank her for making us feel better about our own less-than-Instagramable camp photos.  

Via Adventure Journal