The Museum of Collapsed Buildings

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Written by Chris

The internet is full of places where you can marvel at architectural successes. (Here are 25, if you’re looking to get started.) But as any 10-year-old child knows, watching something collapse is eminently more exciting than watching it get built. And the spectacle can be kind of beautiful too, in a ‘destruction is an act of creation’ kind of way.

Mathias Gunz seems to understand this. He’s the man behind the Museum of Collapsed Buildings, an Instagram account dedicated to – you guessed it – collapsed buildings (and the odd non-collapsed structural oddity). We say that Gunz “seems” to understand this, because there really isn’t much information out there on his motivations. A quick google search tells us that he’s an architect with Zurich firm Gunz & Künzle Architekten, so perhaps the project is a way for him to blow off steam after a long day creating things designed not to collapse. Whatever his motives, we like what we see.

Follow the action here to add some destruction to your feed.