Disappearing Irish Shopfronts

Wednesday May 30, 2018 Written by Smith

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There's something to be said for the extent to which the typography, colour and design of a town's shopfronts can define the personality and feel of a place. Irish designer Trevor Finnegan's photo series, Our Type, captures the unique typography and design of 'Ireland's disappearing storefronts'. 

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Finnegan's interest in typography was sparked at an early age, 'as my Dad used to collect old enamel signage that he used to find at auctions across the country', he explains. Weekends see Finnegan, his wife and his dog packing up the car and travelling to remote, far-flung parts of the country, hunting down and capturing the weird, wonderful, beautiful and sometimes neglected-looking shopfronts. 

'I always try to speak with the owners of the shops and premises as much as possible,' he writes. 'People really love to tell the stories behind their premises and for me, this is just as important as the visual documentation.'

He shares some of the stories behind his favourites via Irish blog, The Locals – well worth a read.  

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Photography: Trevor Finnegan