Making Halos with Drones, Lights and Long Exposure Photography

Tuesday April 10, 2018 Written by Chris Harrigan

Wide Drone 620x465 v

Wide Drone 620x465 v2

While our soon-to-be retail overlords have some pretty big plans for drones, so far the contraptions have really only been good for three things: annoying your neighbourssmuggling drugs into prisons, and bombing people from great heights.

Artist Reuben Wu is changing that just a little. By affixing a powerful light to a GPS-enabled drone and piloting it around various remote landscapes, the Chicago-based photographer is able to create images that look like halos on his long-exposure camera. Because why the hell not.

You can see more of Wu’s Lux Noctis series on his website and Instagram, or check out the behind-the-scenes video of how he made the series:

Image: Reuben Wu