Weaving Photos on a Loom Makes Them Look Really Trippy

Wednesday March 14, 2018 Written by Chris Harrigan

620x450 hero image

No, you’re not tripping. Also no: these images aren’t digital creations. What you’re seeing above are two photographs that have been cut into ribbons and painstakingly woven together – on an honest-to-god loom – by artist Lala Abaddon. Why? Because it looks good, evidently.

The Brooklyn photographer usually starts with a self-portrait, pairs it with a more abstract shot, and then starts slicing the two up and weaving them together in different patterns. As she recently told Wired, it often takes her about 60 hours to complete a single piece. While her artworks are thoroughly analogue, her process isn’t – curious spectators are invited to watch Abaddon live stream her latest weaving projects online. Good to know, next time you’re looking to zone out for 60-odd hours.

Photography: Lala Abaddon