New Heights of Photography: the Best Drone Shots of 2017

Friday February 09, 2018 Written by Taz

620x450 HERO

Image above: The soft palette of a streetball game going down in Balmoral, New Zealand. @petraleary

Believeth not the naysayers: drones aren’t merely devices for spying on folk, delivering burgers, and filming not-very-titillating porn. Case in point? Aerial photography platform SkyPixel has just announced the winners of its annual photography contest – and they’re not half shabby. Matter of fact, they have "I’ve got me a new desktop background" written all over them.

From the tessellated ochres of a La Mancha olive grove to a man hanging out his noodles to dry (below), this is sumptuous stuff indeed. Become the coolest kid in your office desk pod (if you’re not already – we’re not implying that you aren’t) and get your new desktop background here.

620x450 img 4

Above: Hanging the day’s noodles out to dry. Photographer: 菜鸟视觉
620x450 img 1

 The world’s largest land predator trades ice floes in Baffin Island, Canada. @florian_ledoux_photographer

620x450 img 3

A lobster farm in Tuy Hoa, central Vietnam. Photographer: Trung Pham

620x450 img 2

Di Huanran diving off Diaoshuilou Waterfall in China’s Heilongjiang province. Huanran currently holds the Guinness World Record for the highest waterfall dive (25 metres). He was at 51 years old at the time. Photographer: 沈旻