A Trippy Photo Series of Budapest Staircases

Wednesday October 25, 2017 Written by Genevieve

For anyone who isn’t an architect, a hyperactive four-year-old or a parkour devotee, staircases hold limited excitement. At least, that’s what we thought before we ascended into the psychedelic reverie of Balint Alovits’ photo series, Time Machine. Focussing solely on staircases found in Budapest, mainly from the art deco or Bauhaus eras, the Hungarian photographer achieves his hypnotic visual effect by taking every picture from a vantage point of dead centre.

Staring into a few of these spiral vortexes in a row leaves you wondering whether you’re looking up… or down. Balint summed up this feeling of disorientation perfectly in a recent ArchDaily interview. “Whenever I step into one of these caracoles, I feel a certain pulling energy looking up from the bottom or down from the top.”

It’s an energy that Balint has managed to capture so well that if it doesn’t make you soar, it might just bring on a Jimmy-Stewart-Vertigo-style meltdown. In which case, we'd recommend that you sit yourself down on solid ground and look instead at photos of cats wearing hats made from their own hair. Guaranteed to take your mind off that vertigo.

Photography: Balint Alovits