New York Shot by a Teenage Stanley Kubrick

Wednesday September 27, 2017 Written by Genevieve

Stanley Kubrick has a place as one of history’s most stylistically recognisable auteurs. But has the great director’s work always been so identifiable? At the tender age of 17, Kubrick was living the teen photographer’s dream by becoming LOOK magazine’s youngest staffer. And now, the folks over at Booooooom have curated a striking collection of Kubrick’s photographs, taken between 1946 and 1950.

At first glance, they don’t necessarily jump out as being particularly Kubrickesque. But if you sit with them for a while, the genesis of his stylistic eye reveals itself… in a Strangelove-like blaze of light on a worker's protective glasses, a Lolitan unease in the capturing of dolled-up showgirls, and even an echo of 2001’s Dave–the–astronaut in a young woman sauntering down a long street towards a perfectly centred horizon.

Grab a bagel, a big salad and a bottomless cup of coffee... and soak up the collection here.