Signs of Australia

Friday July 14, 2017 Written by Jo

Throughout history, humanity has longed for a sign. Doves. Olive branches. Rainbows. Burning bushes. These are par for the course. Less biblical in scope – but potentially more useful in telling you what you need to know – is Signs of Australia, a photo project from Brady Michaels that celebrates vintage signs, typography and old advertising from all over this sunburnt country of ours.

Ranging from Coober Pedy’s truck-cum-art-installation town sign to paintings of Chesty Bonds looming over an old factory in Sydney, from boxing kangaroos to suburban butchers, the archive aims to record these fading beauties for posterity – one bit of neon, shabbily painted brick or auto sculpture at a time.

Right now you can see photos from the project at Michaels’ Facebook page, but there’s also a book on the way later this year, with commentary by Dale Campisi (and many more compellingly kitsch facades).