The Kombi Vans of Berlin

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The Kombi Vans of Berlin

Tuesday January 03, 2017 Written by Garry

Some might argue that Volkswagen has a shady history (the company was effectively Hitler’s ticket to ridding Germany of trade unions in the 1930s). But on the plus side, the company’s 1950s-era vehicle – the Volkswagen 2, better known as the Kombi – actually helped usher in a new attitude towards travel and lifestyle, where fixed addresses weren’t necessary. For that, we thank them.

Over time the car became synonymous with the counter-culture of the 1960s, evolving from a simple cargo transporter into something else entirely: a campervan.

It seems fitting, then, that in 2016, Berlin, the capital of the country that gave birth to the campervan, has so many of them in its streets. Berlin is an expansive city with a relatively low population density, as well as a hotbed for alternative thinking, so it’s perhaps no surprise there are so many livable vans dotting its streets.

Berlin resident Linnart Unger is clearly a fan: he’s made it his mission to capture as many of the vehicles as possible for his Vans of Berlin Instagram account.

Using a combination of digital and analog photography, Unger has amassed an eye-catching collection that will make any non-van owner incredibly envious. (For the record, Unger owns a 1999 Volkswagen Multivan T4.)

Follow him on Instagram, or read this interview with the man to find out about his top 10 vans over at Go-Van.