The Abandoned Toilets of London

Monday November 28, 2016 Written by Genevieve

We’re not averse to a bit of toilet humour. Almost 20 years on, the diarrhoea scene in Dumb and Dumber still brings a smile to our faces, Louis CK’s foul mouth always induces a crack-up, and the fart references in any Monty Python movie never fail to make us wet our pants.

But there’s nothing funny about the toilets in this photo series, and that’s for one very sensible, serious reason: they’re all abandoned.

There’s the ladies’ loo covered in grass and litter, the gents’ filled in with cement. So many amenities fenced off with spikes and boxed in by cages, it’s a wonder the streets aren’t littered with unmentionables in protest.

So if you feel inclined to have a chortle at each ridiculous situation with its occasional, absolutely comic signage, just think of all the poor little Londoners busting to go with nowhere to go. And then you really have to stop yourself from laughing.