Last Drinks: Ryan Cremer

Last Drinks: Ryan Cremer

Saturday April 16, 2016 Written by Smith

In Last Drinks, Albury photographer Ryan Cremer captures an endangered species: the regional pub.

The Riverina region in New South Wales is often referred to as Australia’s ‘food bowl’, but after years of draught and other hardships, some of the towns have seen better days.

“The pubs of the Riverina,” Cremer says, “are not immune to the boom or bust existence [of the region]. Whilst many are thriving, more and more are sliding into extinction.”

As dire as the situation may be, many of the pubs are still standing. To preserve their memory (as well as grab a few drinks), Cremer travelled throughout the region, photographing as many local pubs as he could. Thirsty work, no doubt.