Photos of the World’s Most-Obsessive Vinyl Collectors

Monday March 26, 2018 Written by Naomi

The second coming of vinyl may have well and truly found its – ahem – groove, but there still aren’t that many people who can boast collections big enough to fill a room (or a few of them). Photographer Elion Paz has hunted down the most obsessive collectors from around the globe, and his blog, Dust and Grooves, is a visual ode to a sonic obsession.

The collections – which come from places as far away as Ethiopia, Japan and Italy –  vary as widely as the people who’ve compiled them. Some collectors attempt to grab anything they can get their hands on, while others restrict themselves to very narrow parameters (’60s girl pop, for instance, or only albums with defaced covers).

Paz, who began the project as an unemployed photographer in New York, recently told The Guardian that the blog began as a bit of fun. But hundreds of photographs later, Dust and Grooves has evolved into the biggest collection of the biggest vinyl collections in the world. Happy hunting.