Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania

Sunday August 05, 2018 Written by Ronan

In case you hadn’t noticed, Tasmania is completely surrounded by water. And where there’s water, there’s Sea Dogs.

We’re not talking about the mythical beasts from heraldry or coats of arms – we’re referring to the men and women who sail around the Pacific Ocean and Bass Strait.

In Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania, author Andrew Wilson has put together a book that uses humour and respect to profile the Apple Isle's water warriors and their unique maritime locations.

It combines black and white photography of the Tasmanian coastline, the sailors themselves, as well as their rickety old water-crafts. The photos are augmented by Wilson’s essays and interviews with the sailors.

The result is a nostalgic and gentle trip down south that taps into the recent history of the island. You can pick up a copy of the book, as well as some postcards, from the Old Sea Dogs website.