Capturing Wisconsin's Ice Shacks

Sunday June 03, 2018 Written by Ronan

For 10 weeks each year, fishermen flock to the frozen lakes of southern Wisconsin and build shacks right on the ice itself. And each year, photographer Mike Rebholz makes the same journey for his temporally titled project, 10 Weeks.

So long as they're removed at the end of the season, the solitary fishing hovels can be constructed without any building approval. Rebholz’s photos capture the peaceful and fleeting beauty of the shack community as it mushrooms up on a backdrop of the white, snow and ice covered lakes.  

The huts themselves vary from the basic (some look more like glorified outhouses than legitimate abodes) through to the ritzier models which sport ovens, '70s-style benches and other creature comforts. So long as each allows those inside to leave the 'gone fishin'' sign up for a few more days each winter, they're doing their job.