The Last Greek Fishermen

Thursday July 09, 2015 Written by Smith

Last Greek Fisherman

Greece’s economy might be in trouble, but its fishermen have been facing extinction for years. As the country tightens its collective belt, these photos of its so-called ‘Wolves of the Sea’ and their boats seem to take on a particularly sad tone.

Taken on the picturesque island of Paros, the photos capture the wizened, windswept faces of men who have spent their whole lives doing what their fathers and grandfathers did before them – fishing the Aegean Sea in tiny wooden boats.

Last Greek Fisherman

It sounds idyllic, but their way of life has been under threat for years, with competition from bigger fishers and mounting environmental restrictions making it harder for them to do what they love. They have also struggled to recruit new fishermen, as the island’s younger generations pursue opportunities on more distant shores.

Photographer Chirstian Stemper first stumbled across the fishermen when he was holidaying in Paros 20 years ago. He returned in 2014 to take these pictures and capture their stories before they disappear forever.

Last Greek Fisherman

The series is being published as a book, Lupimaris, which is available to pre-order now.