WiFi HiFi

Thursday April 04, 2013 Written by mark

We've been waiting a long time for radio, stereo and computer cords to die dead – perhaps, in a weird twist of fate, strangled by another cord. Sonos brings this dream a step closer with the playbar.

The wireless music system is pretty high tech, but any dummy can set it up. There are five steps: take it out of the box, unwrap it, stick a cable (just one) into your TV, put a bridge (which acts like a small wireless router) in your modem, download the Sonos app on your phone and you're good to go. The whole system works on wireless. Signals dart back and forth from the music on your phone to the play bar and your telly. It's not fussy between Mac and PC either.

With nine speakers, the sound quality is really good for a stand-alone unit and you can connect speakers wirelessly in other rooms too. This means no cords, not one, hazzah!