Thirsty Thursday: Three Troupers

Thursday August 23, 2012 Written by basil

One hundred and fifty years ago three cousins from Balmoral in Scotland came to the Victorian goldfields hoping to strike it rich. Fate yeilded gold of a different kind: the Troups started brewing beer.

Everyone loves ale with a tale, no one more than Three Troupers brewery director David Troup, who continues the legacy of his Scottish ancestors by brewing beer in the Pyrenees region of Victoria. Troup says his beer is a very simple one. "It's not too big, it's not too fat, it's not too square. It's just nice, easy-drinking beer." There are three blends to choose from: a pale ale, an amber ale and a pilsner. A fourth wheat beer variety is on the way.

Three Troupers has a shop-front in Beaufort (on the Western highway between Ararat and Ballarat in Victoria), which showcases regional produce. But if that's too far to go, head here for a list of local stockists.