Thirsty Thursday: Stone Beer 2013

Thursday May 16, 2013 Written by James

For a bunch of brewers on the cutting edge of the modern Australian brewing scene, the guys at Stone & Wood don't mind taking inspiration from Marsellus Wallace once in a while.

Well, once in a year, to be precise. As that's when they invite friends and family to their Byron Bay and "get Medieval on your arse". Well, not your arse so much as a bunch of volcanic rocks that co-founder and head brewer Brad Rogers has been lugging around since his days brewing in Fiji.

They're heated in a blazing fire on the brewery's driveway before being lowered into the beer in a recreation of a brewing style from the Middle Ages. The Stone Beer has been tweaked each year, with this year's a deeply dark, rewardingly rich and smooth chocolate led affair that's so luxuriant it could soothe even poor, wronged, Wallace's pain.

James Smith is the creator of Crafty Pint, an online guide to Aussie craft beer, and a founder of the annual Good Beer Week festival. He is rarely thirsty.