Thirsty Thursday: Pike's Oakbank

Thursday March 14, 2013 Written by wilfred

In 1878, Henry Pike sailed from Dorset to South Australia, where he started Pike's brewery in the Adelaide Hills. Not sure what it tasted like back then, but today they make a pilsner that's tough to beat.

Established in 1886, it made sense that Pike used a fish as logo for his assorted beer, soft drinks, cordials and tonics. By the early 1980s the label was still in business, but had relocated to the Clare Valley to focus solely on wine.

The brewery reintroduced beer in 1996, and we've very glad they did. The Oakbank pilsner isn't stocked everywhere, but the bottle shops that carry it tend to do so religiously. Its old fashioned label and carrying case are befitting one of Australia's oldest and tastiest craft brews.