Thirsty Thursday: Pepperjack Hand Crafted Ale

Thursday August 02, 2012 Written by wilfred

You'd be wise to approach a beer with wine in it skeptically. Brewed with Shiraz, Pepperjack Hand Crafted Ale is surprisingly not only 'not bad', it is really delicious.

From the people at Saltram Winery , Pepperjack is one of a handful of quality beers made by Aussie wineries (like Pikes' Oakbank Beer and Knappstein Reserve Lager), but to our knowledge it's the only one made using wine. It's a little less crude than stomping around in a grape barrel and pouring in beer. To be precise, they use a Shiraz juice made from Barossa Valley grapes. Obviously that makes this a fruity drop, but it's subtly sweet and does not taste like some weird, failed hybrid. It just takes like a great amber ale. It makes for a top winter warmer, and an amusing conversation starter.