Thirsty Thursday: Mountain Goat Summer Ale Cans

Thirsty Thursday: Mountain Goat Summer Ale Cans

Thursday September 12, 2013 Written by Rick

The humble beer can doesn't get much respect in this country, but Victorian craft brewer Mountain Goat is on a mission to change that.

Despite 'the tinny' having a dodgy reputation locally, cans are actually the perfect vessel for beer, which is why US craft brewers have been all over them for years.

Cans do a better job of protecting beer from light (which makes beer stale) than glass. They're lighter, and obviously can't shatter, so you can pack more of them in your backpack – perfect for camping or hiking missions. They chill down quicker and are easier on the environment, partly due to a higher rate of recycling than glass.

But enough about the bloody receptacle, what about the stuff inside?

Well, the Goat guys haven't named this Summer Ale for nothin'. High on fruity hop aroma, think pineapple and passionfruit, but low on bitterness, this is the perfect session beer for the hot, slack days ahead.