Thirsty Thursday: Mornington Peninsula Porter

Thursday March 21, 2013 Written by james

Some interesting plans have been hatched while high on a sporting win. Few have included quitting one's job to open a brewery.

This was how Matt Bebe celebrated when the Hawks won the AFL Grand Final in 2008.

Few such plans make it past the hangover, but not only did Bebe's dream survive, it became Mornington Peninsula Brewery. Ever since the launch in 2010 he's been wooing drinkers with a series of bold beers that barely took a misstep from day one.

Beer geeks tend to rave about boisterous releases like the IPA and Imperial Stout, but there are rewards to be found among the less-heralded beers, such as the Brown and Porter. A new batch of the latter has just been brewed for autumn, ready to warm cockles with its creamy chocolate, coffee and vanilla goodness.

James Smith is the creator of Crafty Pint, an online guide to Aussie craft beer, and a founder of the annual Good Beer Week festival. He is rarely thirsty.