Thirsty Thursday: Knappstein Lager

Thursday October 18, 2012 Written by wilfred

Knappstein Lager comes in packs of four. This is good, because like other four-packs (Murray'sMoo Brew) per bottle it's pricier than your average six-pack. It's also bad, because you'll down all four bottles in no time and be back at the store for more.

Established in 1878, the Enterprise Winery sits in Clare Valley, South Australia, a scenic two-hour drive north of Adelaide. They launched Knappstein Reserve Lager in 2006. It's the only beer they make and they do it damn well. Lagers would be the most conventional type of ale (Budweiser, Heineken) so it's easy to pass them up when you're at the bottle-o looking for something special to drink. Knappstein really doesn't taste like any other lager, it has the same drinkability of the average joes but a flavor that's complex and fruity without being too much of either.

Pale yellow in colour, a crisp, light lager served ice cold would be perfect matched with a warm summer day. That's actually a nice way to gauge how good the day was: one four-pack or two...