Thirsty Thursday: Golden Axe Cider

Thursday March 28, 2013 Written by Ben

Aesop’s fable The Golden Axe is about a woodsman who loses his axe but is rewarded for his honesty. Golden Axe Cider is known for its honest use of fresh apples, yeast, and honestly – not much else. 

Standing out on the now cider-heavy bottle-o shelves, Golden Axe’s name and logo design (by Mikey Burton) also recall a late '80s console game. But while the Sega game was set in the fictional world of Yuria, Golden Axe sources its apples from the very real town of Officer, south-east of Melbourne. And that’s about it; they don't add any sugars or concentrates. The brains behind it – Callum Reeves, his wife Clara and brother Nat – come from a crafty homebrew background, but decided to utilise apples from the family orchard.

We’d describe it as a crisp, slightly bitey antidote to the more sickly teenage-bait ciders out there. And how do they describe it? "Appley." Well said, Golden Axe. Well said.

Golden Axe Cider is a supporter of Smith Journal.