Thirsty Thursday: Coopers Best Extra Stout

Thursday April 04, 2013 Written by james

There seems to be a new beer released every minute in Australia, which means it's easy to forget that beer existed before we all went microbrewery crazy.

It's even easier to forget that a certain family-run business based in Adelaide was making quality ales before even your granddad was a glint in someone's eyes.

Coopers Best Extra Stout is a bit like your granddad. It may not wear the flashest of clothes, it may not have anything new to offer in conversation, but it has been around the block, has oodles of character and – under beige socks and trousers pulled up to ribcage – is still rather awesome.

It's robust enough to survive lengthy neglect in the fridge too. God bless ya, granddad.

James Smith is the creator of Crafty Pint, an online guide to Aussie craft beer, and a founder of the annual Good Beer Week festival. He is rarely thirsty.