Thirsty Thursday: Burleigh Brewing

Thursday November 01, 2012 Written by wilfred

Deciding whether to have a coffee or a beer just got easier. There's both in a Black Giraffe black coffee lager

Its light chocolate flavor makes for an ideal after-dinner drink and goes great with vanilla ice cream.

Burleigh Brewing is one of the only craft brewers out of Queensland. Offering just under a dozen different beer types (some with clever names like, My Wife's Bitter), we recommend their American-style pale ale, the easy drinking Duke premium lager, and their wonderfully crafted German-style hefeweizen, the Hef, which comes wearing a moustache (nice timing for Movember).

Then there's the new-release Fig Jam IPA (named after an Aussie slang term for someone who thinks they're quite special), which works really well with cheese. Pair it with an entree, take your main course with Hef and dessert with Giraffe. Too easy.