Thirsty Thursday: Brew Boys

Thursday August 09, 2012 Written by Wilfred

A beer should taste great (obviously), but a sharp looking label goes a long way to make it much more memorable. Brew Boys excel at both - they're so proud of their labels they even sell them separately.

Based in the Croydon Park suburb of Adelaide, Brew Boys handcraft a range of solid beers with smart labels. Their tasty Amber Ale comes emblazoned with an elegant round label featuring two female divers. A pitch-black stout wears an Ace Of Spades playing card, making it a bottle Lemmy would be proud to be seen swigging from. And inner hoons will appreciate the car-based GTS Pale Ale and Charger Lager.

The rest of the range is tops as well, but if you're keen on collecting - move quick. Some beers (like the '35.1' GT Lager, and the cartoon dog sporting Schweinhund) are no longer available. The SA brewery is open for tours, tastings and sales, but if you're elsewhere in Australia check the website to find the bottles. And if you're thinking of driving there to pick up a sixer in your muscle car, we think that's entirely appropriate.

Image: (top) I'm Here For The Hops