Thirsty Thursday: Bootleg Brewery

Thursday October 25, 2012 Written by luke

Back in 1994, long-term Margaret River resident Tom Reynolds glanced around at the monotonous fields of wine grapes that surrounded him and thought, "booooooring".

So he decided to take matters into his own hands, retired and started what was (at the time) only WA's third brewery smack bang in the middle of it. These days, having carved an unlikely niche for himself amidst the endless parade of wineries in the state's South-West (described as "an oasis of beer in a desert of wine"), Bootleg Brewery still remains one of the state's better breweries, and could well be its most picturesque. It does have its own lake.

With a range that is less about the scattershot approach favoured by so many micro-breweries and more about nailing a few classic styles (pils, porter, hefe, pale) in a novel fashion, their beers have been cleaning up Australia's beer awards since the late '90s. If you're wondering why you haven't seen much of it around, it's because Bootleg retail almost exclusively in the local area. They also deliver throughout Australia (for a price), but the best option is probably to drop by some sunny day and curl up next to the lake with some friends and a pint or three. All in all, it's a damn sight nicer than being at a winery.